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Privacy Policy

NOZAWA Sports Thanx (hereinafter “the Shop”) acknowledges the importance of personal data protection and believes it is our social responsibility to protect our customers’ personal data with extreme care. We are committed to processing personal data strictly in accordance with the Shop’s privacy policy as stipulated below in order to provide our customers with the assurance that their personal data will be protected and that they will be able to enjoy their stay without any concerns.

1.Acquisition of personal data

In the event that the Shop asks customers to provide personal data, the purpose for using personal data (hereinafter “the purpose of use”) shall be disclosed in advance. However, disclosure of the purpose of use may be omitted in the following cases.

  • When personal data is received for bookings and inquiries via the Shop’s website, telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.
  • When personal data is received via an exchange of business cards, etc.

2.Scope of personal data

Personal data that the Shop may ask customers to provide usually includes the following.

  • The customer’s name, contact information (telephone number, e-mail address, address of residence, etc.), and relevant data necessary for rentals such as height, weight, and boot size.
  • Personal data of the customer submitting the application in the case that the customer submitting the application is not the customer who will be using the rental items.

3.Purpose of use of personal data

The Shop shall use personal data provided by customers only within the following range of purposes.

  • For registering customer information at the time of bookings via telephone or e-mail.
  • To contact customers
  • To provide services such as sending e-mails and notices relating to events and campaigns.
  • We may also ask questions for the purpose of improving our customer services, etc., in which case we will clearly disclose the purpose in advance.

4.Disclosure of personal data to a third party

The Shop shall not disclose personal data provided by customers to a third party under any circumstances, with the following exceptions.

  • Consent is given by the customer.
  • Relevant institutions request the provision of personal data in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • If disclosures relating to the above are made in circumstances in which an individual cannot be identified.

5.Joint use of personal data

The Shop may disclose personal data of customers to subcontractors, etc. to the extent necessary. Disclosure to subcontractors, etc. may include the disclosure of customer names and contacts to subcontractors who handle booking arrangements or a delivery service for items left behind by customers or other deliveries.

6.Secure management of personal data

The Shop shall appoint a person responsible for personal data management and appropriately manage personal data, and is committed to the prevention of personal data leakage to external parties.

7.Protection of personal data by third party links from our website

The Shop shall not bear any responsibility regarding the secure management of personal data by third party websites that are linked from our website. We ask customers to please confirm the respective third party’s privacy policies regarding personal data protection and management at their own discretion.

8.Changes in this policy

The Shop shall disclose any changes that occur in the acquisition, scope and purpose of use, etc., of personal data of customers on our website and notify customers of the latest information.